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Our Commitment to the Community

We believe it is our responsibility to be actively involved in events and activities that enhance our community and to vigorously support the charities that are important to our friends and customers. We have helped folks raise tens of thousands of dollars over the years and would love to discuss ways that we may be helpful in assisting with philanthropic endeavors that are near and dear to your heart.

How it all Began

Jeff’s passion runs deep for his family, friends, wines and spirits, and in 2012 decided to follow his passion for the latter by taking over as the proprietor of Wines and More. Jeff has an affinity for Spanish, French and California wines, as well as fine sipping rums and tequilas. Jeff is all about ‘feeling good’, having lots and lots of choices (because options are always good) and providing superior customer service, which is not as common as it should be these day. Jeff’s enthusiasm permeates the Team and is appreciated by our friends and customers.  

Jeff is actively involved in the Milford Chamber of Commerce, and is on the Board of Directors of the Milford Rotary as well as Boys & Girls Village.

Meet The Team

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Jeffrey Wilson
Favorite Wine Region: Spain
Favorite Beer: Barrel Aged Stouts
Favorite Spirit: Aged Rum/Tequila


Nicole Rolfe
Wine Director
Favorite Wine Region: Califnornia
Favorite Beer: IPA
Favorite Spirit: Rum


Corey Shoop
General Manager
Favorite Wine Region: California
Favorite Beer: Sours/Stouts/Porters
Favorite Spirit: Bourbon

  • Kevin - Team Leader/Sales Team Member

  • Mike - Sales Team Member/Craft Beer Enthusiast

  • Tim- Sales Team Member

  • BJ - Sales Team Member

  • Emily - Team Leader /Sales Team Member

  • Chris - Sales Team Member

  • Bryan - Sales Team Member

  • Adam - Sales Team Member